The following database tables have been arranged into two categories: All Measurands, and Laboratory Applications. Clinical Applications will be  addressed on the RCV Calculator page.

Laboratory Applications:

Focuses on laboratory related aspects of biological variation (quality standards).  This is determined from the median of appropriate studies that meet the evaluation criteria and includes desirable imprecision, bias and total error.

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Reference number relates to the citation list.

This table will enable laboratories (including 'in-house' laboratories) to assess quality control and enable new methods or analysers to be assessed.



CVI - intraindividual variation (median of noted studies).

CVG - between individual variation (median of noted studies).

Desirable CVA - desirable analyser variation (calculated as > 0.5 x CVI). In many cases, this is an acceptable limit for replicate analyses used as quality control studies (QCM)

Desirable Bias - This is calculated as 0.25 x √(CVI2 + CVG2) and in many cases is an acceptable limit for bias between different analysers or methods.

Desirable TE - Desirable Total Error is calculated as the sum of Desirable Bias and Desirable CVA multiplied by 1.65. This can be used in many cases as acceptable variation between different analysers or methods accounting for both imprecision and bias.


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