The study guidelines presented have been adapted from the paper:

Recommendations for designing and conducting veterinary clinical pathology biologic variation studies

Veterinary Clinical Pathology (2017), 46: 211–220. doi:10.1111/vcp.12475

Kathleen P. Freeman,1 Randolph M. Baral,2, 3 Navneet K. Dhand,3 Søren Saxmose Nielsen,4 Asger L. Jensen5

  1. IDEXX Laboratories, Ltd, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK;
  2. Paddington Cat Hospital, Paddington, NSW, Australia;
  3. Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
  4. Department of Large Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg C, Denmark;
  5. Department of Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Groennegaardsvej 3, DK-1870, Frederiksberg C, Denmark.