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The following database tables have been arranged in three categories: Measurands, Clinical Applications and Laboratory Applications. 


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Clinical Applications:

Focuses on clinically related aspects of biological variation (reference change values).

Laboratory Applications:

Focuses on laboratory related aspects of biological variation (quality standards).

Reference number relates to the citation list.


CVI - intraindividual variation.

CVG- between individual variation.

CVA - analyser variation (reported in the study, shown in red if > 0.5 x CVI). This can be determined by replicate analyses or from quality control studies (QCM)

II - Index of Individuality. A high level indicates subject-based reference intervals (RCV) are more appropriate, a low level indicates population-based reference intervals are appropriate, intermediate levels indicate both reference change values and reference intervals should be assessed.

RCV - reference change value calculated to 95% and 99%.

These terms are explained on the ‘About BV’ page.



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