The database tables on this website include all the measurands noted in all veterinary studies for biological variation of clinical pathology.

For various reasons, the quality of the results of these studies vary.

Therefore, our committee has come up with criteria to evaluate each measurand to see that meet a minimum standard that can be used for laboratory quality assessment and for reference change values.

The criteria was based upon those used for human clinical pathology studies.1

The following algorithm shows the criteria used to selected measurands from published studies.

The databases have tables showing the median values of measurands meeting these criteria as well as the current tables showing all studies.

These median values are appropriate to use for quality control and other laboratory assessments as well as to determine reference change values (RCV).

  1. Perich C, Minchinela J, Ricós C, et al. Biological variation database: structure and criteria used for generation and update. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 2015;53(2):299-305.